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Siden 2014 har vi noteret os de mest typiske spørgsmål, som hundeforældre der overvejer Hundebørnehaven til deres hund stiller sig.


Nedenfor kan du finde svarene på dem.

  • How much does Hundehaven cost (with subscription)?
    WHAT COSTS HELLERUP DOG WALK'S UNIQUE DOG PARK (WITH SUBSCRIPTION)? The short answer: Between DKK 1017 and DKK 7167 per month, or between DKK 185 per day and DKK 430 per day (explanation follows). Calculate all prices HERE!
  • Why are Hellerup Dog Walks a little more expensive than regular aerial tours?
    1. We have our own private, very large and completely securely fenced dog park in North Zealand, which provides a lot of extra security for your dog. Other dog walkers use public parks where your dog can get away and run unhindered onto roads and train tracks. :-( In addition, your dog will inevitably meet a lot of strange dogs in the public parks, which have not been approved in advance by the professional as safe dogs to meet. If you use dog parks yourself, then you probably already have learned that not all dogs are safe and good playmates and that not all dog owners are sufficiently responsible and take the necessary safety measures in relation to their own and your dog when they go to the dog park with their dog. In our private dog park only dogs come , which is approved in advance by me personally. The dog park therefore without a doubt the best purchase you can make! :-) Me and my staff at Hellerup Dog Walk are 100 percent aware of the responsibility we take on when we take your dog into our care and I hope that you will end up choosing us to take care of the delicate and important tasks it is to: air, socialize, transport and look after your dog in our dog garden. Kind regards Magnus Hinge (pack leader in Hellerup Dog Walk)
  • Which cities/areas do you pick up dogs from?
    Hellerup Dog Walk covers most of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and North Zealand with our unique dog garden FIRSPRINGET. ​Copenhagen: København K. (city), Østerbro, Nordhavnen, Nørrebro, Nordvest, Vanløse, Brønshøj and Husum)FrederiksbergGentofte:Dyssegård, Hellerup, Gentofte, Vangede, Charlottenlund and KlampenborgLyngby-Taarbæk:Lyngby, Virum, Sorgenfri, Brede, Lundtofte, Hjortekær, Frederiksdal and Taarbæk ​Gladsaxe:Søborg, Bagsværd, Mørkhøj and Buddinge ​ Here live:Hjortespring, Egebjerg and Herlev Fredensborg:Kokkedal, Nivå and HumlebækHelsingør:Kvistgård, Snekkersten, Gure, Espergærde and Helsingør
  • What makes Hellerup Dog Walk's Hundehave "UNIQUE"?"
    Hellerup Dog Walk's dog garden is unique for 2 special reasons: I (Magnus Hinge) am the first reason why Hellerup Dog Walk's Dog Park is unique. Over the past 5 years, I have spent many thousands of hours with all the dogs in Hellerup Dog Walk. Before a dog can join Hundehaven, I always make a personal introductory visit to the home of the dog and its owner, and no dog is allowed to start in Hundehaven until it has been personally evaluated and approved by me. Read more about my history and background here: ​Secondly, the walks your dog takes in Hellerup Dog Walk's dog garden are 2-3 times longer than the walks other dog nurseries and professional dog walkers can offer. The reason we can offer trips with so much play time is that we have existed for so many years and therefore have a great many dogs living within a relatively small area. In this way, we can collect the dogs faster than our competitors and with a lower transport time, so we can offer a correspondingly longer time outside, sniffing, running and playing for your dog. :-)
  • How long will my dog be in the Hundehaven?
    With few exceptions (stormy weather), we are always at the dog park for 2.5 hours (from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.). If it rains a lot or is exceptionally cold or windy, it may happen that we drive home half an hour to a full hour earlier than usual.
  • How long will my dog have to drive to Hundehaven?
    We collect your dog between 7.45 and 9.55, which means that the dogs have an average of 1 hour of transport to and from Hundehaven.
  • How many dogs are there per dog walking in the Dog Garden?
    Typically, each dog bus and dog walker picks up between 8 and 14 playful dogs. :-)
  • Can you book 1 or 2 days in Hundehaven every week?
    Yes! You decide for yourself how many regular days you want your dog to have in our dog park each week.
  • Do you pick up and drop off the dogs yourself before and after Hundehaven?
    YES, Hellerup Dog Walk picks up your dog before its trip in our Dog Garden and returns it back home when it has had a long and lovely day with friends in nature and is ready for a good nap in the basket or on the sofa.p.s. Unfortunately, our dog buses are not as nice as the one in the picture. :-)
  • Why do you generally not offer the Hundehaven for unneutered male dogs over 10 kg.?
    A natural part of being an unneutered male dog is competing with other unneutered male dogs to be the dominant dog in the pack. This competition can be dangerous for the dog itself, for the other unneutered male dogs and for our dog walkers. We generally recommend that you castrate your male dog if you do not plan on him being used for breeding. It is a natural part of an unneutered male dog's life to be allowed to mate at regular intervals and if you do not facilitate this need for your dog, but perhaps even stand in the way of it, then your dog will probably become frustrated and have behavioral problems which may not at first appear to have anything to do with his reproduction drive, but which in reality have everything to do with it. If you choose "the natural way", you should go all the way and ensure that your male dog's natural urges can be exercised relatively often (at least 4-6 times a year). In addition to mating, fights with other unneutered male dogs for dominance are a natural element in the life of an unneutered male dog. We would like to have a slightly less natural day in our dog garden, where fights are not a daily part of the "fun". Therefore, we generally do not take unneutered male dogs to Hundehaven.
  • Get a handle on the concepts (Dog garden vs. Dog daycare vs. Air trip)
    Dog garden vs. Dog KindergartenIn our eyes, the term "dog nursery" does not make sense, unless you really have a care offer for both children and dogs... :-) Therefore, at Hellerup Dog Walk, we consistently call our care offer for dogs a Dog Garden, since it is for dogs and not for children.Dog garden vs. Air tripFor Hellerup Dog Walk, En Hundehave is a care offering that goes significantly beyond a normal walk, which with most other professional dog walkers is approx. 50 minutes. In Hellerup Dog Walk, we have decided that our outdoor and outdoor time must be 3 times as long as a regular outdoor walk before we can allow ourselves to call our care offering a Dog Park/Dog Nursery and therefore we are always out at our Dog Park for 2 .5 hours!
  • What do the "Heart", "Body", "Ears" and "Nose" mean?"
    The heart:Just like humans, dogs are social creatures, with a need for constant friends.​In Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave and on our Pack Walks, your dog gets his own sweet canine friends!​Et life with regular friends and socializing is a good dog life. :-)The body:Both small and large dog bodies are created to be activated and used every single day.​In Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave and on our Pack Walks there is plenty of time for play and exercise._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239 -9149-20813d6c673b_A tired and used dog body gives peace of mind and happiness. :-)The ears:Dogs also need to have content, meaning and purpose in everyday life and life​In Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave and on our Pack Walks, obedience training is a natural part of the day.​En A clear leader means a balanced pack of dogs. :-)The nose:Your dog's sense of smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times better than yours.​That's why simple sports training is a regular element in Hellerup Dog Walks Dog Park and on our Pack Walks.​A dog there user is almost a happy and well-stimulated dog. :-)
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